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35. Internationale Nishio Aikido Seminar

9.  til 15. april 2017
Vissenbjerg skole’ ,Vissenbjerg, Fyn

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Once again we will have the pleasure of being taught by Takao Arisue sensei 7th dan Aikido and 7th dan Aiki toho. He has been visiting Denmark every easter since 2002. Following the long tradition of many years with seminars taught by Shoji Nishio shihan.

The seminar will be during the days 9th April to 15th April 2017, and the venue will be ‘Vissenbjerg skole’ in Vissenbjerg, Denmark.

This year the host dojo will be Vestfyn Aikikai.

Please note: We are now open for signing up via this link.

For technical reasons the system is partially in Danish – we apologise for the inconvenience. In case you need help or have any questions – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Paying through the sign-up system can be cancelled at a later time. Only the credit-card fee will be non-refundable.

More info about the seminar here


Virum Aikido Klub – sidste nye klub



Hør:  Mennesker og Tro i DR – om kampsport

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